LICE Consultation & Treatment

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We offer a comprehensive lice removal treatment program for both adults and children.

Our Lice Treatment Package includes:

-  The Initial Consultation 

-  Lice Oil (a natural product containing 100% natural oils) as per required per person.

- 1 Lice Treatment Comb 

- Up to an Hour Comb-out Session* 

- Aftercare products (1 anti-lice shampoo and 1 anti-lice conditioner)** 


*After the 1 hour comb-out session, additional comb-out session (if required) is charged at $50 per hour. 

**The anti-lice aftercare products are a critical part of the one week's aftercare treatment program to help prevent further outbreaks and completely eradicate the cycle. 

The charge for a consultation ONLY is $50 per person. However, if the treatment proceeds, the consultation-only charge is absorbed into the lice treatment package cost. Depending on location, an additional travel charge may incur. 

To make an appointment or for further enquiries, please call

0411 829 889.

For Enquiries/Appointment, 
call 0411 829 889 or Email: